On a purple background, the Paned o Gê logo, a tea cup with the Pride flag spilling out of it, with the name of the business written underneath, sits in the centre of a square, with the title ‘Talu Ymlaen’ above it and ‘Pay It Forward’ below.

#PayItForward Fund

If you are facing financial difficulties, please contact us and we'll arrange to get a book of your choosing to you.  These books are paid for by donations from members of the community.

For more information about the #PayItForward fund, click here.

Paned â...:

Digital Interview Series

Throughout the spring, Paned o Gê will be hosting Paned â... (translation: a cuppa with...) series of digital interviews, via Zoom, with a number of renowned LGBTQ+ writers.  The fourth, with Niven Goviden, will be held on the 9th March 2021, where he will discuss his latest novel, Diary of a Film.

Book a ticket here or for more information, click here.

On a lavender background, the following is written in white: ‘Paned â Niven Govinden 18:00-19:00 | 09-03-2021’.  Below this, there are images of Rahim El Habachi and Niven Govinden, with a white x in between them.  Underneath this, there is more text in white: ‘LGBTQ+ HIV/AIDS rights activist and YouTube show presenter Rahim El Habachi hosts an Interview with novelist Niven Govinden about his latest release, Diary of a Film.’