Detransition, Baby – Torrey Peters


RHYBUDD: Mae’r nofel yma yn cynnwys portreadau o ddefnydd alcohol a chyffuriau, beichiogrwydd, marwolaeth babi cyn eu eni, trawsffobia, trais, rhyw, hunan-niweidio, hunan-laddiad ac marwolaeth.

Treuliwyd Reece, menyw draws, ei dridegau yn symud trwy fywyd heb fawr o ddiddordeb yn unrhyw beth.  Wel, cyn i’w hen gariad, Ames, dod ati gyda chynnig: i helpu magu babi gyda fo a’i bos, Katrina, sydd nawr yn feichiog.

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains depictions of drug and alcohol use, pregnancy, miscarriage, transphobia, violence, sex, self-harm, suicide and death.

Whilst listlessly sleeping with married men and apathetically living through her thirties, Reece, a trans woman, is approached by her ex, Ames, with a proposition. Following his detransition, he has been presenting as a man and after a brief affair, his boss, Katrina, is now pregnant. Unsure what to do, but certain of Reece’s desire to be a mother, he asks her to co-parent alongside himself and Katrina. Obviously, he has yet to approach Katrina with this idea yet or discussed his gender identity with her…

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