Bitter – Akwaeke Emezi


Dyddiad Rhyddhad: 15ed Chwefror 2022

Dyma stori Bitter, sydd newydd gael ei ddewis i fynychu ysgol artistig Eucalyptus. Ond tra bo hi’n astudio o fewn cysur y waliau, mae’r strydoedd yn llawn brotestwyr sy’n brwydro yn erbyn yr anghyfiawnder sy’n bresennol trwy gydol y ddinas.

Wrth iddi geisio fordrwyo drwy hen gyfeillgarwch, ei angerdd artistig, a rhamantau newydd, mae Bitter yn gorfod dewis rhwng y stiwdio a’r strydoedd. Ac os yw hi’n dewis i ymuno a’r frwydr, bydd rhaid i hi ofyn i’w hun: beth fydd y gost?

Nofel pwerus yw Bitter gan Akwaeke Emezi, sy’n trafod bwysigrwydd a phŵer pobl ifanc, protestio, a chelf.

Release Date: 15th February 2022

From National Book Award finalist Akwaeke Emezi comes a companion novel to the critically acclaimed Pet that explores both the importance and cost of social revolution–and how youth lead the way.

After a childhood in foster care, Bitter is thrilled to have been chosen to attend Eucalyptus, a special school where she can focus on her painting surrounded by other creative teens. But outside this haven, the streets are filled with protests against the deep injustices that grip the city of Lucille.

Bitter’s instinct is to stay safe within the walls of Eucalyptus… but her friends aren’t willing to settle for a world that’s so far away from what they deserve. Pulled between old friendships, her artistic passion, and a new romance, Bitter isn’t sure where she belongs—in the studio or in the streets. And if she does find a way to help the revolution while being true to who she is, she must also ask: at what cost?

This timely and riveting novel—a companion to the National Book Award finalist Pet—explores the power of youth, protest, and art.

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