The Swimming-Pool Library – Alan Hollinghurst


RHYBUDD: Mae’r nofel yma yn cynnwys portreadau o hiliaeth, trais, homoffobia, rhyw a chyfeiriadau tuag at gamdrim plant (yn rhywiol).

Ar ôl cyfarfyddiad damweiniol yn dŷ bach cyhoeddus, dechreuwyd Will swydd yn ysgrifennu cofiant hen ddyn.  Ond, nid ydy o’n ymwybodol o holl hanes y ffigwr yma… eto.

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains depictions of racism, violence, homophobia and sex.

Swanning through London in a haze of sex, money and entitlement, Will happens to have a chance encounter in a public bathroom that provides him with employment.  He is tasked with writing a the biography of a wealthy, older generation, who’s personal history might relevant to his own.

Hollinghurst’s characteristic flamboyance and verbosity pervade this early work of his.

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