You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty – Akwaeke Emezi


Pan mae siawns i ddianc y ddinas yn cyflawni ei hun i Feyi, i drafeilio i ynys am wyliau delfrydol, mae’n ysu i wneud. Ond, mae yna broblem: mae hi’n syrthio mewn cariad â dyn nid ydy hi’n gallu bod gyda…

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime: Feyi is about to be given the chance to escape the City’s blistering heat for a dream island holiday: poolside cocktails, beach sunsets, and elaborate meals. And as the sun goes down on her old life our heroine also might just be ready to open her heart to someone new.

The only problem is, she’s falling for the one man she absolutely can’t have…

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