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Manatomy – James McDermott


Mae Manatomy – wedi’i strwythuro mewn 3 rhan: ‘Boy’, ‘Youth’, ‘Man’ – yn gasgliad o gerddi ffraeth ac ysmala sy’n archwilio sut mae natur, magwraeth, diwylliant pop, rhagfarn a gwleidyddiaeth yn siapio hunaniaeth y dyn hoyw camp James McDermott.

Manatomy is a collection of wry, witty and cheeky poems exploring how nature, nurture, pop culture, prejudice and politics shape the identity of camp gay man James McDermott. Structured in three parts – ‘Boy’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Man’ – Manatomy interrogates how the experiences of growing up gay in a homophobic world and in rural millennial England affect a gay man’s relationships with himself, his partners, the LGBTQ+ community and the wider world

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