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You Should See Me In A Crown – Leah Johnson


RHYBUDD: Mae’r nofel yn cynnwys portreadau o rhywiaeth, hiliaeth, homoffobia, dosbarthiaeth, problemau iechyd meddwl a chorfforol a marwolaeth.

Ni lwyddodd Liz Lighty ennill digon o gefnogaeth ariannol i fynychu ei choleg delfrydol. Yr unig ffordd gallai hi godi’r arian nawr yw trwy ddod yn Frenhines Prom ei hysgol.  Ond, nid ydy Liz yn boblogaidd iawn ac mae wedi’i chwympo mewn cariad â un o’r cystadleuwyr eraill…

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains depictions of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, mental health support needs and death.

Liz Lighty needs to become Prom Queen. This has never been a desire of hers, but after discovering she needs to make up the financial shortfall needed to attend the college of her choice, to her, it seems like the only option. Naturally, she becomes infatuated with another contestant, overwhelmed by the demands of her best friend-campaign advisor, partnered regularly with a former friend during activities and therefore, problems ensue.


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