Gorgeous Gruesome Girls – Linda Cheng


Publication Date: 9th November 2023

A disgraced idol comes face-to-face with the demons of her past when the competition she enters turns out to be a deadly trap. After a shocking career-ending scandal, eighteen-year-old Sunny Lee spends her days longing for her former popstar life and cyberstalking ex-groupmate Candie. They were inseparable – before leaving tragedy and heartache in their wake.

Now Candie is chasing stardom in a new K-pop competition, and Sunny can’t resist joining her. Finally, they can confront their past, like what happened that horrible night their third groupmate jumped to her death. And whether the dark, otherworldly secrets they keep had something to do with it… But when Sunny is haunted by terrifying visions, gory injuries start happening to competitors – followed by even stranger mutilations.

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