Witch Please – Ann Aguirre


Dyma rom-com hudolus gan awdur poblogaidd, am arwr deurywiol ac arwres sy’n ofni ymrwymo a chemeg rhyngddynt sy’n achosi sbarciau.

Mae Danica Waterhouse wrach modern a chyd-berchennog y ‘Fix-It Witches.’ Dri bloc i ffwrdd, mae Titus Winnaker, perchennog becws ‘Sugar Daddy’. Ar ôl colled drasig, y cyfan sydd ganddo ar ôl yw ei chwaer, y becws, ac oes o lwc ofnadwy mewn cariad. Nes iddo gwrdd â Danica Waterhouse. Iddo fe, hi yw’r un. Iddi hi, mae’n fom tân wedi’i daflu yng nghanol rhyfel teuluol. A all gwrach fodern ddod o hyd i gariad gyda dyn cyffredin hen ffasiwn sy’n gwrthod setlo am ddim byd llai nag am byth?

Practical Magic meets Gilmore Girls in this adorable witchy rom-com by New York Times bestselling author Ann Aguirre, with a bisexual cinnamon roll hero, a commitment-averse heroine, and a chemistry between them that causes literal sparks.

Danica Waterhouse is a fully modern witch—daughter, granddaughter, cousin, and co-owner of the Fix-It Witches, a magical tech repair shop. After a messy breakup that included way too much family “feedback,” Danica made a pact with her cousin: they’ll keep their hearts protected and have fun, without involving any of the overly opinionated Waterhouse matriarchs. Danica is more than a little exhausted navigating a long-standing family feud where Gram thinks the only good mundane is a dead one and Danica’s mother weaves floral crowns for anyone who crosses her path.

Three blocks down from the Fix-It Witches, Titus Winnaker, owner of Sugar Daddy’s bakery, has family trouble of his own. After a tragic loss, all he’s got left is his sister, the bakery, and a lifetime of terrible luck in love. Sure, business is sweet, but he can’t seem to shake the romantic curse that’s left him past thirty and still a virgin. He’s decided he’s doomed to be forever alone.

Until he meets Danica Waterhouse. The sparks are instant, their attraction irresistible. For him, she’s the one. To her, he’s a firebomb thrown in the middle of a family war. Can a modern witch find love with an old-fashioned mundane who refuses to settle for anything less than forever?

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