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This One Sky Day – Leone Ross


Wedi’i sefydlu ar archipelago Popisho yn y Caribî, mae’r llyfr yma yn adrodd hanes trigolion yr ynysoedd gan gynnwys stori am ddau gariad sy’n ceisio ffeindio ei gilydd eto.

Enwebwyd y llyfr yma am Wobr Fenywod am Ffuglen 2022.

Dawn breaks across the Caribbean archipelago of Popisho. The world is stirring awake again, each resident with their own list of things to do: a wedding feast to conjure and cook; an infidelity to investigate; a lost soul to set free. And two star-crossed lovers trying to find their way back to each other. When night falls, all have been given a gift, and many are no longer the same. A narrative of grief and love, childlessness and a crisis of sexuality, set over a single day.

Nominated for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022.

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