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The Intoxicating Mr. Lavelle – Neil Blackmore


Hyd yma, mae’r brodyr Benjamin ac Edgar wedi arwain bywyd tawel, ond mae newid ar y gweill wrth iddynt fynd i fyd newydd o ar eu taith fawr o Ewrop. Wrth i Edgar lynu wrth gonfensiynau, mae Benjamin yn gwthio yn eu herbyn. A phan fydd y Horace Lavelle hudolus yn addo antur go iawn i Benjamin, dim ond mater o amser bydd hi cyn bydd cariad yn ymddangos.

Brothers Benjamin and Edgar have so far led a quiet life, but change is afoot as they enter a world of glorious sights and People of Quality on their Grand Tour of Europe. But a trunk full of powdered silver wigs and matching suits isn’t enough to embed them into high society.

As Edgar clings on to conventions, Benjamin pushes against them. And when the charming, seductive Horace Lavelle promises Benjamin a real adventure, it’s only a matter of time before chaos and love ensue.

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