The Gilda Stories – Jewelle Gomez


Mae’r nofel hynod hon yn dechrau yn y 1850au Louisiana, lle mae Gilda yn dianc rhag caethwasiaeth ac yn dysgu am ryddid wrth weithio mewn puteindy.  Clasur lesbiaidd parod pan gafodd ei gyhoeddi gyntaf ym 1991, mae The Gilda Stories wedi aros fel llyfr sy’n gyfredol heddiw gyda’i archwiliadau o ddüwch, ecoleg radical, ail-ddiffiniadau o deulu, a’r potensial erotig mewn stori fampir.

This remarkable novel begins in 1850s Louisiana, where Gilda escapes slavery and learns about freedom while working in a brothel. After being initiated into eternal life as one who “shares the blood” by two women there, Gilda spends the next two hundred years searching for a place to call home. An instant lesbian classic when it was first published in 1991, The Gilda Stories has endured as an auspiciously prescient book in its explorations of blackness, radical ecology, re-definitions of family, and yes, the erotic potential of the vampire story. Jewelle Gomez is a writer, activist, and the author of many books including Forty-Three Septembers, Don’t Explain, The Lipstick Papers, Flamingoes and Bears, and Oral Tradition.

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