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The Breaks – Julietta Singh


Gydag arlliw, mae Singh yn datgelu’r cysylltiadau yn yr argyfyngau y mae dynoliaeth yn eu hwynebu – trychineb hinsawdd, cyfalafiaeth ecsbloetiol a’r etifeddiaethau treisgar o hiliaeth, patriarchaeth a threfedigaeth gan hefyd dathlu teuluoedd cwiar, byw’n gymunedol a phlentyndod merch croenfrown.

What I want is another world. And when I say another world, I mean this one, toppled and reborn.

In a letter to her six-year-old daughter, Julietta Singh writes towards a new vision of the world, inspired by her child’s radical embrace of possibility as a model for how we might live. Central to this vision is the realisation that if we are to survive the looming political and ecological disasters, we must break from the conventions we have inherited and begin to orient ourselves towards more equitable and revolutionary paths.

With nuance and generosity, Singh reveals the connections among the crises humanity faces – climate catastrophe, extractive capitalism and the violent legacies of racism, patriarchy and colonialism – inviting us to move through the breaks toward a tenable future.

The Breaks is at once both a celebration of queer family-making, communal living and Brown girlhood and a profound meditation on race, inheritance and queer mothering at the end of the world. Luminous with love, fierce with determination, it is unafraid to face the greatest of universal challenges with answers emerging from a place of hope and tenderness.

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