Spectrums: Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words – Maxfield Sparrow


Wedi’i ysgrifennu gan bobl draws awtistig o bob cwr o’r byd, mae’r casgliad hanfodol hwn o draethodau personol yn datgelu’r anawsterau a llawenydd o fyw ar y gyffordd o niwroamrywiaeth ac amrywiaeth rhywedd.

Gyda hiwmor a mewnwelediad personol, mae’r antholeg hon yn hanfodol ar gyfer pobl draws awtistig, a’r gweithwyr proffesiynol sy’n eu cefnogi, yn ogystal ag unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb yn yr arlliw o awtistiaeth a hunaniaeth rhywedd.

Written by autistic trans people from around the world, this vital and intimate collection of personal essays reveals the struggles and joys of living at the intersection of neurodivergence and gender diversity.

Weaving memories, poems and first-person narratives together, these stories showcase experiences of coming out, college and university life, accessing healthcare, physical transition, friendships and relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, parenting, and late life self-discovery, to reveal a rich and varied tapestry of life lived on the spectrums.

With humour and personal insight, this anthology is essential reading for autistic trans people, and the professionals supporting them, as well as anyone interested in the nuances of autism and gender identity.

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