Soft Lad: A Collection of Stories (About Me) – Nick Grimshaw


Hanes DJ a chyflwynydd radio Nick Grimshaw sy’n cael ei adrodd yn Soft Lad, a ysgrifennwyd gan Grimshaw ei hun. Trafodwyd ei fagwraeth yn Oldham, ei ddewis i symud i Lundain, ei waith ar sioe frecwast Radio 1, dod allan, ADHD, partio a llawer mwy.

In Soft Lad, for the first time, Grimmy will share his outlooks, surprising obsessions, the things that have shaped him and his personal experiences with the world. From his move from Oldham, Greater Manchester, to the bright lights of London, to his 14-year career climbing to the helm of the Radio 1 breakfast show, he’ll discuss everything from his love of music through to self-care, partying, life-changing nights out, growing up, Red Nose Day, coming out, dogs, family, ADHD, Catholicism, and all that he’s seen in-between. These are Grimmy’s stories of things gone right and wrong across his life and career so far, with all the highs and lows and everything in-between.

Nostalgic and heartfelt, it will shine a humorous and captivating lens on the ever-evolving cultural obsessions we live by.

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