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Juliet Takes a Breath – Gabby Rivera


RHYBUDD: Mae’r nofel yma yn cynnwys portreadau o rywiaeth, homoffobia a hiliaeth.

Wedi iddi ddod allan i’w rhieni, teithiwyd Juliet o Efrog Newydd i Portland, Oregon i weithio am yr haf am ei arwr, ysgrifennwr Harlow Brisbane.  Cyn bo’ hir, mae Juliet yn sylweddoli nid i’w ei mentor yn yr eilun ffeministaidd, perffaith yr oedd hi’n disgwyl.

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains depictions of racism, sexism and homophobia.

Juliet has just come out to her parents and leaves the Bronx for Portland, Oregon for the summer to intern for her favourite author, Harlow Brisbane. Juliet soon discovers that her white, hippie mentor is not the ultimate authority on feminism that she believed her to be.

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