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Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger – Brontez Purnell


Clasur cwlt amrwd, brwnt, doniol a theimladwy. Wnaeth Johnny Would Love Me if My Dick Was Bigger arwain y ffordd ar gyfer ysgrifen newydd cwiar sy’n siarad am rhyw, perthnasau, cyffuriau, hunaniaeth, hil, HIV, a beth mae’n golygu i fod yn hoyw yn y 21ain ganrif.

Yn adrodd bywyd artist, mae Johnny Would You Love Me yn casgliad o straeon byr sy’n dangos beth mae’n olygu i byw ar ymylon cymdeithas ceidwadol fel dyn Du, hoyw a dosbarth-gweithiol.

A raw, dirty, hilarious, and often poignant cult classic, Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger paved the way for a new kind of queer writing that changed how we talk about sex, relationships, drugs, identity, race, HIV, and what it means to be gay in the 21st Century.

Recounting the life of an artist and ‘old school homosexual’ who bears more than a small resemblance to author Brontez Purnell, Johnny Would You Love Me takes us cruising in late night parks and bath houses, searching for sex and intimacy in a newly gentrified city where even the gays are getting fancy. A collection of short, hilarious, profound, and filthy vignettes, Johnny Would You Love Me is a radical thrill ride through the nuances of queer sex and queer love that shows truly what it means to live on the fringes of a conservative society as a black, working-class gay man.

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