Exciting Times – Naoise Dolan


RHYBUDD: Mae’r llyfr yma yn cynnwys elfennau o ddefnydd alcohol a chyffuriau, homoffobia, trais emosiynol a thrais rhywiol.

Symudwyd Ava i Hong Kong i ddysgu Saesneg ac i ddianc ei bywyd yn Dublin.  Yna, mae’n dod i ‘nabod Julian: Sais, bancwr a gwrthwynebwr i Jeremy Corbyn a’i syniadau.  Cyn bo’ hir, dychwelwyd Julian i Lundain am waith am ychydig ac mae Ava yn cwrdd â Edith: cyfreithiwr diwyd, uniongyrchol sy’n hoff o Ava.  Ond, pan mae Julian yn dod nôl i’r ddinas, mae’n rhaid i Ava cydbwyso ei ddau ddiddordeb.

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains depictions of alcohol and drug use, sex, homophobia, emotional abuse and sexual assault.

Ava moved to Hong Kong to escape Dublin.  Apathetic, Ava has little desire to connect with her co-workers.

Julian has been in Hong Kong a while longer.  An upper class banker from England, his relationship with Ava is defined by their contrasting views and their wit battles.

Whilst away for work, Julian allows Ava to stay in his flat and during this time, she meets Edith: a lawyer from Hong Kong.  Cambridge-educated, she is diligent, sociable and, since returning to the city, closeted again. When Julian returns, however, Ava must figure out how to balance the two different individuals in her life.

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