C+ntu & Othered Poems – Joelle Taylor


Mae’r corff benywaidd yn ofod gwleidyddol. Dilynwyd C+nto bywydau preifat menywod butch, gan adrodd ei straeon am brotestiadau yn y 90au i ail-gydio yn ei chyrff yn gyfreithiol, wrth iddynt hwy geisio cydbwyso goroesi a hunanfynegiant.

The female body is a political space. C+nto enters the private lives of women from the butch counterculture, telling the inside story of the protests they led in the ’90s to reclaim their bodies as their own – their difficult balance between survival and self-expression.

History, magic, rebellion, party and sermon vibrate through Joelle Taylor’s cantos to uncover these underground communities forged by women. Part-memoir and part-conjecture, Taylor explores sexuality and gender in poetry that is lyrical, expansive, imagistic, epic and intimate. C+nto is a love poem, a riot, a late night, and an honouring.

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