When We Were Sisters – Fatimah Asghar


Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 6ed Hydref 2022

Yn dilyn marwolaeth eu rhieni, mae rhaid i dair chwaer, Kausar, Aisha a Noreen, edrych ar ôl a magu eu gilydd. Wrth i Kausar tyfu, mae rhaid delio gyda cholled ei rhieni wrth i hefyd ceisio diolch hunaniaeth rywedd bersonol. Mae Aisha yn ceisio dal y tri at ei gilydd wrth ddelio gyda’i chwaer ifanc, sy’n parhau i fod yn ‘crybaby’. Yn olaf, ceisiwyd Noreen, y chwaer hynaf, parhau i greu bywyd am eu hun, wrth iddi geisio hefyd fod yn chwaer ac yn fam i’w chwiorydd. Dilynwch siwrnai’r tair merch Fwslimaidd Americanaidd yma yn When We Were Sisters.

Release Date: 6th October 2022

In this heartrending, lyrical debut work of fiction, Fatimah Asghar traces the intense bond of three orphaned siblings who, after their parents die, are left to raise one another. The youngest, Kausar, grapples with the incomprehensible loss of her parents as she also charts out her own understanding of gender; Aisha, the middle sister, spars with her ‘crybaby’ younger sibling as she desperately tries to hold on to her sense of family in an impossible situation; and Noreen, the eldest, does her best in the role of sister-mother while also trying to create a life for herself, on her own terms.

As Kausar grows up, she must contend with the collision of her private and public worlds and choose whether to remain in the life of love, sorrow and co-dependency she’s known or carve out a new path for herself. When We Were Sisters tenderly examines the bonds and fractures of sisterhood, names the perils of being three Muslim American girls alone against the world, and ultimately illustrates how those who’ve lost everything might still make homes in each other.

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