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Uncle Bobby’s Wedding – Sarah Brannen + Lucia Soto


Pan mae Chloe yn darganfod bod ei hewythr Bobby am briodi, nid ydy hi’n hapus. Beth os nad oes amser gan Bobby i chwarae gyda hi rhagor? Ond, ar ôl treulio diwrnod yng nghwmni Bobby a’i gariad, Jamie, mae’n sylweddoli nad ydy hi’n colli ewythr, ond maent yn ennill un newydd!

Chloe loves, loves, LOVES her special uncle Bobby. So when she learns that Uncle Bobby is going to be getting married to his boyfriend Jamie she’s not at all pleased. What if Uncle Bobby doesn’t have time to play with Chloe anymore? But after spending a fun-filled day with Bobby and Jamie, she soon realises she’s not losing an uncle, but gaining a whole new one! An uplifting celebration of love in all its forms, this book is perfect for any child who has a special grown-up in their life.

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