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Trans Power: Own Your Gender – Juno Roche


Cynhaliwyd Juno Roche nifer o gyfweliadau gyda ffigyrau blaenllaw o’r gymuned draws, gan gynnwys Kate Bornstein, Travis Alabanza, Josephine Jones, Glamrou ac E-J Scott, i ysgrifennu’r llyfr radical yma i arddangos yr amrywiaeth o hunaniaethau traws sy’n bodoli.

In this radical and emotionally raw book, Juno Roche pushes the boundaries of trans representation by redefining ‘trans’ as an identity with its own power and strength, that goes beyond the gender binary. Through intimate conversations with leading and influential figures in the trans community, such as Kate Bornstein, Travis Alabanza, Josephine Jones, Glamrou and E-J Scott, this book highlights the diversity of trans identities and experiences with regard to love, bodies, sex, race and class, and urges trans people – and the world at large – to embrace a ‘trans’ identity as something that offers empowerment and autonomy. Powerfully written, and with humour and advice throughout, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of gender and how we identify ourselves.

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