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This Arab is Queer – Elias Jahshan


Mae This Arab is Queer yn casgliad o 18 o atgofion ac ysgrifau sy’n torri tir newydd. Gan ddweud eu gwirionedd, mae Arabiaid LHDTC+ yn rhannu eu realiti o sut beth yw caru’n rhydd yn lle maen nhw’n galw’n adref. Mae’r straeon personol hyn yn dod o bob rhan o’r Dwyrain Canol, y diaspora ac o’r lleoedd mwyaf annhebygol.

This Arab is Queer is a ground-breaking collection of eighteen short memoirs and essays. Telling their truths with integrity, wisdom and wit, LGBTQ+ Arabs share their realities of what it is like to love freely in a place called home. These personal stories come from across the Middle East, the diaspora and from the most unlikely of places: living incognito in Saudi Arabia; the Libyan desert during conscripted military service; making it happen as an exile in Manhattan.

They also come from the heart – from a concert in Cairo where the rainbow flag was raised to a crowd of thousands, and from whispers between lovers, caught between the bedsheets. Contributors range from prize-winning novelists to those forced to use a pseudonym for their own safety. Here, for the first time, queer Arabs show us the view from where they stand; opening a window into a bigger, brighter world.

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