The Little Book of Drag: Divas, Drag Family, Drama, and Deliciousness – Brandi Amara Skyy


Drag is the ultimate form of queer expression and art, and with the success of TV’s Drag Race, it’s now more widely known and popular than ever. Brandi Amara Skyy is the perfect guide to all kinds of drag under the rainbow umbrella. Brandi’s inclusive appreciation of every form of drag enables them to explain the history, importance and life-affirming qualities of drag for everyone.

Starting with the question “What is drag?” Brandi explores where the term really comes from, and debunks the myths about it. The history of drag is covered next, including drag as subversion, as an art form and in popular culture. Drag has evolved over the years and been adopted into the mainstream, including TV and films – but has it lost its edge, and where will it go next? Finally a resources section covers drag terminology, how to become a drag artist and what to read and watch to find out more about drag.

Profiles of the different kinds of drag artist feature throughout.

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