The Book of Katerina – August Cotreau


Yn y nofel hon, mae Auguste Corteau yn dychmygu bywyd ei mam a’r fenyw oddi mewn iddi, gan edrych ar saga ei theulu estynedig mewn dinas yng Ngroeg dros dair cenhedlaeth.

In this acclaimed Greek novel, Auguste Corteau imagines his own mother’s inner life, observing with wit and earthy humour the saga of her extended family’s ups and downs in the city of Thessaloniki over three generations.

From the poverty of the early years through to affluence and aspirations of grandeur, Katerina drags her husband and son into the chaos of her life: sicknesses are hidden, siblings fight for love and attention while feckless husbands and unwanted children are riven through the family story.

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