Sink the Pink’s Manifesto for Misfits – Glyn Fussell


Maniffesto lliwgar a llawen, i’r misffit sy’n chwilio am grym, am eu llwyth ac eu hunain.

Mae Sink the Pink’s Manifesto for Misfits i chi. Bydd pob pennod yn chwyldro sut rydych chi’n gweld eich hun, ble bynnag rydych chi ar eich taith. Darganfyddwch tystoliaeth byw gan rebeliaid ac ecsentrig(au) hunangyhoeddedig – yn cynnwys Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix), Mel C, Yungblud – i atgoffa eich hun dydych chi ddim ar ben eich hun ac mae weirdos yn ennill yn y diwedd. Rhy dew, rhy ffem, rhy rhyfedd, gormod…

Heriau yr ymgyrchydd gydol oes Glyn Fussell y syniadau gwenwynig yna. Ef yw sylfaenydd ‘Sink the Pink’ y (collective) LHDTC+ mwyaf yn y DU, lle mae croeso i bawb. Teimlwch y cariad a’r hunan-dderbyniad. Rhagair gan Lily Allen.

A rousing, colourful and joyous manifesto dedicated to misfits everywhere seeking empowerment, their tribe and themselves. In a world plagued by boring binaries, restrictive labels and blinkered expectations, it is easy to feel out of step or like you don’t belong.

Sink the Pink’s Manifesto for Misfits is dedicated to you: from finding your power to dreaming big, owning your space to chasing your joy, embracing your uniqueness to broadening your narrative, each cis-tem-crashing chapter will revolutionise how you see yourself, no matter where you are on your journey. Discover within thinkpieces, reflective exercises and living testimony from a brave community of self-proclaimed eccentrics, freaks, geeks, rebels and oddballs – including Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix), Yungblud and Spice Girl Mel C – to remind yourself that you are not alone and weirdos win in the end. Too fat, too femme, too weird, too much…

Lifelong outsider and inclusivity campaigner Glyn Fussell challenges such toxic notions, forces you to question the powers at play and confront internalised demons. With each of his witty commandments, you will learn why and how to reject the status quo to live your life your way. He is the founder of Sink the Pink, the largest LGBTQ+ collective in the UK, whose events offer a portal to another world where anything is possible and everyone is welcome.

His perspective-shifting book is an antidote to confusion, fear and repression. Feel the love, find self-acceptance and let your freak flag fly. Foreword by Lily Allen.

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