Since I Laid My Burden Down – Brontez Purnell


Mae’r nofel ddoniol a torcalonnus yma yn sôn am y profiadau sy’n ein siapio ni. Ar ôl marwolaeth ei wncwl, mae Deshawn yn teithio yn ôl i dref enedigol ar gyfer ei angladd o’i fywyd hoyw disglair yn San Francisco. Tra ei fod yno, mae’n cael ei atgoffa o’i blentyndod a’i llencyndod, ai berthynas gyda’i eglwys a’i deulu, ac yn ailgysylltu gyda’i gorffennol.

When Deshawn hears news of his uncle’s death, his riotous big-city life in San Francisco is abruptly put on hold while he travels back to his Alabama hometown for the funeral. While there, he’s hit by flashbacks of growing up queer and black in the ’80s South, of a youth filled with strong women, bewildered boys, and messed up queers. Wading through prickly reminders of his childhood, of sweltering Sundays, church, family, and the men he once knew, Deshawn reconnects with his old self and the ghosts of his past.

A raw, dirty, hilarious, and heart-breaking novel about the experiences that shape us, Since I Laid My Burden Down asks the intimate question: who deserves love?

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