Pharmacopoeia: A Dungeness Notebook – Derek Jarman


Yn 1986, prynodd yr artist a gwneuthurwr ffilmiau, Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage, cwt pysgotwr Fictoraidd ar draethau anialwch Dungeness. Roedd i fod yn gartref ac yn noddfa i Jarman trwy gydol ei ddiagnosis HIV, a byddai’n darparu llwyfan ar gyfer un o’i brosiectau mwyaf parhaol – ei ardd. Wedi’i greu fel ‘pharmacopoeia’ – cylch o gerrig, planhigion a cherfluniau fflotsam sy’n esblygu’n barhaus i gyd wedi’u hadeiladu a’u tyfu er gwaethaf y gwyntoedd cryf – mae’n parhau i fod  yn safle o ddiddordeb a rhyfeddod.

Mae Pharmacopoeia yn cyfuno y gorau o ysgrifennu Derek Jarman ar fyd natur, garddio a Prospect Cottage.

In 1986, artist and filmmaker, Derek Jarman, bought Prospect Cottage, a Victorian fisherman’s hut on the desert sands of Dungeness. It was to be a home and refuge for Jarman throughout his HIV diagnosis, and it would provide the stage for one of his most enduring, if transitory projects – his garden. Conceived of as a ‘pharmacopoeia’ – an ever-evolving circle of stones, plants and flotsam sculptures all built and grown in spite of the bracing winds and arid shingle – it remains today a site of fascination and wonder.

Pharmacopoeia brings together the best of Derek Jarman’s writing on nature, gardening and Prospect Cottage. Told through journal entries, poems and fragments of prose, it paints a portrait of Jarman’s personal and artistic reliance on the space Dungeness offered him, and shows the cycle of the years spent there in one moving collage.

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