Over the Top – Jonathan van Ness


RHYBUDD CYNNWYS: Mae’r llyfr yma yn cynnwys elfennau o cam-drim cyffuriau, bwlio, cam-drin rhywiol o blant, homoffobia, femmeffobia, rhyw a marwolaeth.

Datgelwyd Jonathan van Ness, un o’r ‘Fab Five’ o’r rhaglen Queer Eye, holl manylion ei bywyd yn ei hunangofiant.

CONTENT WARNING: This text contains depictions to drug addiction, bullying, child sexual abuse, homophobia, femmephobia, infidelity and death.

One-fifth of the Fab Five, reflects on his life with his trademark enthusiasm and pep. From his beginning as a young, flamboyant cheerleader in Quincy, Illinois, to a hair stylist and beloved television star, Jonathan van Ness reveals all aspects of his life in this autobiography.

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