Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation and Non-Monogamy – Rachel Krantz


Pan gwympodd Rachel Krantz mewn gariad ag Adam, dywedodd wrthi ei fod yn chwilio am a partneriaeth ymroddedig – dim ond un nad oedd yn cynnwys unweddog.  Dyma stori Krantz am fod mewn partneriaeth di-monogamiaidd a’i effaith ar ei bywyd.

When Rachel Krantz met and fell for Adam, he told her that he was looking for a committed partnership – just one that did not include exclusivity. Excited but a little trepidatious, Rachel set out to see whether love and a serious relationship can coexist beyond the familiar borders of monogamy. This is her open and honest true story. Now, in her debut memoir, she chronicles her dive into non-monogamy. With fly-on-the-wall detail and extraordinary perceptiveness, OPEN takes us inside Brooklyn parties and into the wider swinger and polyamory community. Armed with her journalistic instincts,detailed journal entries and interviews with experts and therapists, Krantz also breaks new ground in confronting the unique ways tacit abuse and gaslighting can manifest when things get so complex.

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