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Limbic – Peter Scalpello


Teyrnged i rhyw, agosatrwydd a darganfod beth ydy bywyd cwiar ydy nofel trawiadol Peter Scalpello, Limbic. Ceir nosweithiau llawn chemsex, gwyliau i’r bois a golygfeydd domestig sy’n dawel a threisiol; dyma byd sy’n cuddio chwant, cywilydd, bregusrwydd a chyffuriau. Mae Limbic yn cyfuno teimladau o nerfusrwydd eiddgar gyda phartion, stigma HIV, therapi, dathliadau ac mae’n dangos sut y gall dysgu am fywyd cwiar bod, ar yr un adeg, tyner a chreulon.

Limbic is Peter Scalpello’s glittering ode to sex, intimacy, and queer discovery. Taking us on slippery nights out fuelled by chemsex, on drunken lads’ holidays, and into the quiet violence of small domestic moments, this is a world where tracksuits hide queer desire, where shame masks vulnerability, where wallets hide wraps of crystal meth.

From the eager trepidation of teenage sex, to the ecstasy of parties, to the stigma around HIV, Limbic is at once a therapy and a celebration, showing how queer learning can be both soft-edged and brutal at once. An exploration of masculinity, addiction and trauma, this is a revelatory collection of poems; wise, tender, and vital.

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