Homie – Danez Smith


Homie: casgliad o gerddi gan Danez Smith – anthem am gras achubol cyfeillgarwch sydd wedi’i wreiddio yn eu chwiliad am lawenydd ac agosrwydd mewn cyfnod lle mae’r ddau yn brin. Rhannol dyddiadur cyfeillgarwch, rhannol marwnad, rhannol bloedd rhyfel, mae Homie wedi’i ysgrifennu ar gyfer ffrindiau: ar gyfer ffrindiau Danez, ar gyfer eich ffrindiau chi.

A mighty anthem about the saving grace of friendship, Danez Smith’s highly anticipated collection Homie is rooted in their search for joy and intimacy in a time where both are scarce. In poems of rare power and generosity, Smith acknowledges that in a country overrun by violence, xenophobia and disparity, and in a body defined by race, queerness, and diagnosis, it can be hard to survive, even harder to remember reasons for living. But then the phone lights up, or a shout comes up to the window, and family – blood and chosen – arrives with just the right food and some redemption. Part friendship diary, part bright elegy, part war cry, Homie is written for friends: for Danez’s friends, for yours.

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