Hola Papi!: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons – John Paul Brammer


Cyfrif JP Brammer o’r hiliaeth a phrofwyd yn ei fywyd, yn enwedig â’i berthnasoedd rhywiol. O ganlyniad, dechreuodd ysgrifennu colofn i gynghori pobl cwiar ar broblemau eu bywyd. Dyma gasgliad o’i ysgrifau.

The first time someone called John Paul (JP) Brammer ‘Papi’ was on the gay hookup app Grindr. At first, it was flattering; JP took this as white-guy speak for ‘hey, handsome.’ But then it happened again and again and again, leaving JP wondering: Who the hell is Papi?

Soon, this racialized moniker became the inspiration for his now wildly popular advice column Hola Papi! launching his career as the Cheryl Strayed for young queer people everywhere and some straight people too. JP had his doubts at first what advice could he really offer while he himself stumbled through his early twenties? Sometimes the best advice comes from looking within, which is what JP does in his column and book and readers have flocked to him for honest, heartfelt wisdom, and more than a few laughs.

In this hilarious, tenderhearted book, JP shares his story of growing up biracial and in the closet in America’s heartland, while attempting to answer some of life’s most challenging questions: How do I let go of the past? How do I become the person I want to be? Is there such a thing as being too gay? Should I hook up with my grade school bully now that he’s out of the closet? Questions we’ve all asked ourselves, surely.

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