Guapa – Saleem Haddad


Nofel am Rasa, dyn ifanc sy’n byw mewn dinas yn y Dwyrain canol yng nghanol ton chwyldroadol, sy’n siomedig gyda’r Gorllewin a’r Dwyrain. Mae’r stori yn dilyn ei berthynas gyda’i gariad gyfrinachol Taymour, ei mam-gu drahaus a’r wladwriaeth ormesol.

A Middle-Eastern capital caught in the revolutionary wave of the Arab Spring. A day in the life of a young man disillusioned with both East and West and struggling to find a place for himself in a society ruled by hypocrisy and contradictions. Rasa aworks as an interpreter for Western journalists by day and divides his nights between the Guapa, an underground nightclub where the city’s clandestine LGBT community congregates, and his secret lover Taymour.

Every night Taymour sneaks into the house Rasa shares with his overbearing grandmother, the woman who raised him. When she finds them in bed together on the eve of Taymour’s wedding day, all hell breaks loose. That same day Rasa learns his best friend, the famous drag queen Majid, has been arrested by the police.

Unable to go home, afraid for Majid’s fate, and heartbroken by Taymour’s determination to keep living a double life, Rasa’s fragile balance collapses, while all around him the brief, intense season of public protest is cut short by the regime’s repression and the rapid rise of the hard-line Islamist movement.


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