Gay Man Talking: All the Conversations We Never Had – Daniel Harding


Cynhaliwyd Daniel Harding nifer o sgyrsiau a thrafodaethau gyda rhai o’r pobl atgosaf iddo, i geisio chwalu delweddau stereoteipaidd sydd gan gymdeithas am ddynion hoyw.

Son, Brother, Gay Best Friend. Lover, Enemy, Homo. Twink, Otter, Bear.

For many gay men, the relationships they have with other people are coloured by stereotypes, shame, and internalised beliefs that are often left unchallenged. Is being the ‘gay best friend’ really as fun and inclusive as people think? Sure, coming out to your parents is the hard part, but what happens next? And what if you’re not the sexually promiscuous party boy everyone assumes you to be?

Through candid and humorous conversations with those closest to him, Daniel Harding unpacks modern gay relationships – from parents, siblings and friends, through to lovers, enemies, technology and ourselves – to explore how it’s the relationships around us, breaking us down and making us back up, that are our defining moments.

Combining poignant and entertaining anecdotes with powerful interviews with other gay men and influential figures, alongside valuable insight from behavioural expert Judi James, this wise and witty book will help you to challenge the relationships you have with others – and yourself – allowing you to be truly proud of who you are.

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