Can Everyone Please Calm Down? – Mae Martin


Pam ydyn ni’n meddwl fod rhywioldeb mor, wel … brawychus? Mae comedïwr a chyd-grëwr y sioe boblogaidd Feel Good, Mae Martin, yn ymchwilio hwn yn y canllaw doniol a deallus yma i rywioldeb yr 21ain ganrif.

Why do we find sexuality so, well … scary? Comedian and co-creator of the hit show Feel Good, Mae Martin, investigates in this hilarious and intelligent guide to 21st century sexuality. By narrating her own, often humiliating, adventures in sex, dating and identity, Mae demystifies everything from weird crushes and coming out, to the pros and cons of labels and the joys of sexual fluidity.

Mae’s mission is to ensure that in a world that’s full of things to worry about, who we choose to kiss should not be one of them. And when it comes to sexuality, she asks: CAN EVERYONE PLEASE CALM DOWN?

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