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Between Worlds: A Queer Boy from the Valleys – Jeffrey Weeks


Ganed Jeffrey Weeks yn y Rhondda yn 1945, i deulu o lowyr. Wrth iddo dyfu, teimlai’n ynysig o fewn cymuned glos y cymoedd, a dwyshawyd y teimlad hwn pan sylweddolodd ei fod yn hoyw. Canfu ddihangfa ym myd addysg, ac ymadawodd am Lundain, i fynychu prifysgol ac i wireddu ei rywioldeb.

Jeffrey Weeks was born in the Rhondda in 1945, of mining stock. As he grew up he increasingly felt an outsider in the intensely community minded valleys, a feeling intensified as he became aware of his gayness. Escape came through education. He left for London, to university, and to realise his sexuality.

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