Becoming Dinah – Kitt de Waal


Mae bywyd Dinah wedi’i throi’n wyneb i waered – dynion grac, pethau marw, a thoriadau ar draws ei phen sy’n dechrau brifo, mae’n rhaid i Dinah adael ei chartref – y comiwn ryfedd lle chafodd ei magu.

Bydd angen hunaniaeth hollol newydd gan ddechrau gyda’i hedrychiad, gan ddechrau gydag eillio’i gwallt. Bydd rhaid fod yn gloi, achos mae’n rhaid iddi adael nawr. Roedd Dina i fod i adael ar ei phen ei hun, a dal reid i’r Dde.

Ond yn lle, mae Dinah’n cael ei pherswadio i yrru camperfan yn anghyfreithlon am gannoedd o filltiroedd, yng nghwmni dyn biwis gydag un coes. Nid hwn oedd y cynllun. Ond tra’i bod yn gyrru, bydd rhaid i Dinah wynebu pobeth wnaeth ei harwain at y foment yma. Popeth fydd, o’r diwedd, yn dangos iddi le i fynd…

Dinah’s whole world is upside down, dead things and angry men and cuts all over her head that are beginning to sting…. Seventeen-year-old Dinah needs to leave her home, the weird commune where she grew up.

She needs a whole new identity, starting with how she looks, starting with shaving off her hair, her ‘crowning glory’. She has to do it quickly, because she has to go now. Dinah was going to go alone and hitch a ride down south.

Except, she ends up being persuaded to illegally drive a VW campervan for hundreds of miles, accompanied by a grumpy man with one leg. This wasn’t the plan. But while she’s driving, Dinah will be forced to confront everything that led her here, everything that will finally show her which direction to turn…

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