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A Dutiful Boy – Mohsin Zaidi


Yn y cofiant yma o gyfreithiwr Mohsin Zaidi, disgrifiwyd ei fagwraeth mewn teulu Mwslimaidd a’r hyn disgwylir ohono fo. Yn fachgen hoyw, nid oeddynt yn credu gallwyd datgelu hyn i’w teulu, a doedd amodau anodd ei addysg ddim yn helpu chwaith. Ond, ar ôl iddo lwyddo i fynychu Prifysgol Rhydychen, dechreuwyd ail-feddwl am y fath o fywyd roedd o am fyw.

A Dutiful Boy is Mohsin’s personal journey from denial to acceptance: a revelatory memoir about the power of love, belonging, and living every part of your identity. Growing up in a devout Muslim household, it felt impossible for Mohsin to be gay. Unable to be open with his family, and with difficult conditions at school, he felt his opportunities closing around him.

Despite the odds, Mohsin’s perseverance led him to become the first person from his school to attend Oxford University, where new experiences and encounters helped him to discover who he truly wanted to be. Mohsin was confronted with the biggest decision he would ever make: to live the life that was expected of him or to live his truth.

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