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XOXY: A Memoir (Intersex Woman, Mother, Activist) – Kimberly M. Zieselman


Darganfuwyd Kimberley Ziezelman ei bod hi’n rhyngryw yn ddiweddarach yn ei bywyd. O ganlyniad, dechreuodd ymgyrchu dros hawliau pobl rhyngryw. Yn y llyfr yma, dilynwch siwrnai wrth iddi ddod allan i’w ffrindiau a theulu, rhyfela yn erbyn ymyrraeth feddygol ym mywydau pobl rhyngryw a mwy, wrth iddi adrodd ei stori.

Meet Kimberly, a regular suburban housewife and mother, whose discovery later in life that she was born intersex fuelled her to become an international human rights defender and globally-recognised activist.

Charting her intersex discovery and her journey to self-acceptance, this book movingly portrays how being intersex impacted Kimberly’s personal and family life, as well as her career. From uncovering a secret that was intentionally kept from her, to coming out to her family and friends and fighting for intersex rights, her candid and empowering story helps breakdown barriers and misconceptions of intersex people and brings to light the trauma and harmful impact medical intervention continues to have on the intersex community.

Written from a non-queer perspective, and filled with much-needed, straightforward information and advice about what it means to be intersex, this is a vital and timely resource for intersex people and their families, as well as the general reader.

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