Who’s Loving You: Love Stories by Women of Colour – Sareeta Dominga


Casgliad o straeon gan deg menyw o liw am gariad a mwy. Cyfrannwyd darnau gan Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Sara Collins, Danielle Dash, Sareeta Domingo, Sara Jafari, Dorothy Koomson, KUCHENGA, Kelechi Okafor, Amna Saleem a Varaidzo.

Who’s Loving You? is a celebration of love in all its guises written by women of colour, with ten original short stories from bold new voices, literary prize-winners and national treasures.

Two souls come together and are torn apart, lifetime after lifetime. A seed of hope begins to grow out of the ashes of grief, heartbreak and loss. Romance sparks in the most unexpected of places. And an unbreakable bond is formed that transcends countries, continents and even the boundaries of time…

In this extraordinary collection, ten writers explore the full spectrum of love in all its messy, joyful, agonising and exhilarating forms. Celebrating and centring the romance, passion and desire of women of colour, these stories burn with an intensity and longing that lingers long after the final page.

Who’s loving us? Let us show you… Contributions from:

– Rowan Hisayo Buchanan
– Sara Collins
– Danielle Dash
– Sareeta Domingo
– Sara Jafari
– Dorothy Koomson
– Kelechi Okafor
– Amna Saleem
– Varaidzo

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