The Sweetness of Water – Nathan Harris


Stori sy’n dilyn dau frawd a anwyd mewn caethiwed, sy’n canfod ar ôl cael eu rhyddhau ar ddiwedd Rhyfel Cartref America, nad yw cymdeithas mor groesawgar a meddyliant. Trwy lwc, maent yn cwrdd â ffarmwr a’i wraig ac mae perthynas petrus yn cychwyn, ond mae amheuaeth a thrasiedi cyfagos yn arwain at ganlyniadau difrifol.

Landry and Prentiss are two brothers born into slavery, finally freed as the American Civil War draws to its bitter close. Cast into the world without a penny to their names, their only hope is to find work in a society that still views them with nothing but intolerance.

Farmer George Walker and his wife Isabelle are reeling from a loss that has shaken them to their core. After a chance encounter, they agree to employ the brothers on their land, and slowly the tentative bonds of trust begin to blossom between the strangers.

But this sanctuary survives on a knife’s edge, and it isn’t long before a tragedy causes the inhabitants of the nearby town to turn their suspicion onto these new friendships, with devastating consequences.

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