The Argonauts – Maggie Nelson


RHYBUDD: Mae’r llyfr yma yn cynnwys portreadau o ryw, noethni, homoffobia a thrawsffobia.

Cymysgedd o theori cwiar a rhyddiaith ydy The Argonauts, lle holwyd ysgrifennwr ac academydd Maggie Nelson ein cysyniadau o ryw, rhywedd a pherthnasoedd.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains depictions of sex, nudity, homophobia and transphobia.

The Argonauts weaves together queer theory and prose to explore family-making, shifting identities and bodies, motherhood and the tests of time. Best known as “auto-theory,” Nelson considers how and why our perceptions of sex, gender, and relationships continue to change – and why such change is essential to maintaining and growing in love.

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