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Notorious Sorcerer – Davinia Evans


The city is on the edge of destruction and the planes of existence are crumbling, but Siyon Velo is just trying to make ends meet.

Welcome to Bezim, where tribes of sword-slinging bravi race through the night, and the rich and idle alchemists make magic out of mixing and measuring the four planes of reality.

Siyon Velo just about scrapes a living hopping between the planes of reality to harvest the ingredients the proper alchemists need. But when Siyon accidentally commits an act of impossible magic, he’s catapulted into the limelight. Except the limelight is a bad place to be when the planes themselves start lurching out of alignment, threatening to send the rest of the city into the sea.

Now Siyon, along with the prim and almost-proper Anahid, her defiant sister Zagiri and distractingly handsome Izmirlian Hisarani, might be Bezim’s only hope.

Because if they don’t fix the cascading failures of magic in their plane, the Powers and their armies in the other three will do it for them.

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