He’s My Mom! : A Story for Children Who Have a Transgender Parent or Relative – Joules Garcia + Sarah Savage


Pan mae cefnder Benjamin yn gam-ryweddio’i fam David, mae Benjamin yn esbonio pan mae’n niweidiol i gam-ryweddio a pham mae’n rhaid i ni drin pobl traws gyda pharch. Mae Benjamin yn siarad gyda hyder am drawsnewid a hunaniaeth rhywedd, gan helpu i addysgu ac ymryso pobl eraill sydd gyda ffrindiau neu aelodau traws o’r teulu. Dyma llyfr sydd wedi ei ddarlunio’n llachar ar gyfer plant 3-7 mlwydd oed fydd yn cymorthwyo trafodaethau gyda phlant am anwyliaid sydd yn trawsnewid, neu am pobl traws yn gyffredinol.

My Mom’s name is David. He used to be a she but now he is a he! Last year he did this thing called transition. He took some medicine which made his voice deeper and he started wearing different clothes.

When Benjamin’s cousin accidently misgenders his mom David, Benjamin explains why misgendering is hurtful and why we need to treat trans people with respect. Benjamin speaks with confidence about transitioning and gender identity, and helps to educate and empower others with trans relatives or friends. This brightly illustrated book for children aged 3 – 7 will aid discussion with children about a loved one transitioning or about trans people in general.

Featuring a child with a mom who has transitioned, this book passes on an important message about acceptance and respect, and covers pronouns, dysphoria, family diversity and misgendering.

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