Beneath the Streets – Adam Macqueen


Yn 1976, mae Tommy Wildeblood yn gwneud ymchwiliadau ei hun i drosedd yn erbyn rhentlanc ifanc cafodd ei ddarganfod ym mhwll Hampstead Heath wedi i’r heddlu dangos dim diddordeb. Fel rhan o’r ymchwiliadau, mae Tommy yn dod ar draws trosedd mwy ofnadwy..

It is February 1976, and the naked corpse of a young rent boy is fished out of a pond on Hampstead Heath. Since the police don’t seem to care, twenty-year-old Tommy Wildeblood – himself a former ‘Dilly boy’ prostitute – finds himself investigating. Dodging murderous Soho hoodlums and the agents of a more sinister power, Tommy uncovers another, even more shocking crime: the senior politician Jeremy Thorpe has ordered the murder of his former male lover.

The trail of guilt seems to lead higher still, and a ruthless Establishment will stop at nothing to cover its tracks. In a gripping thriller whose cast of real-life characters includes Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his adviser Lady Falkender, Adam Macqueen plays ‘what if’ with Seventies political history – with a sting in the tail that reminds us that the truth can be just as chilling as fiction.

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