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Becoming Us – Hannah Graf + Jake Graf


This is the inspiring and moving memoir of a couple in search of a normal family life. And in many ways that have found that: married, in careers they love and parents to two beautiful children. But their journey there has been an extraordinary one.

Becoming Us is the inspiring and at times heart-breaking memoir of Jake and Hannah Graf, the UK’s most visible transgender couple and family. We follow their extraordinary paths towards the ‘normality’ they have always longed for, as they navigate the many challenges and pitfalls along the way. Born in 1980s London under Section 28 and assigned female at birth, Jake knew from a young age that he was in body that didn’t fit.

Hannah was assigned male at birth, and growing up in small town Cardiff she hid her innate femininity from her family and friends until joining the British Army in her late teens. Their journeys were wildly different, Jake falling into drug and alcohol addiction, Hannah excelling in the military and serving across the world. Hannah would later come out as trans and be awarded an MBE by HRH Prince William.

Jake discovered community and purpose in the film industry. But it was only after they found themselves that they were ready to find each other. Now, they are married and parents to two beautiful daughters.

Amid soaring levels of hatred and transphobia in the UK, Jake and Hannah have chosen to tell their story in the hope of increasing awareness, raising visibility and spreading some much needed love and understanding around transgender people and their lives. They hope too that in sharing their experiences, they will help in the fight for inclusivity, acceptance and support across all demographics.

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