Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man – Thomas Page McBee


Yn y llyfr newydd arloesol hwn, mae Thomas Page McBee, dyn traws, yn hyfforddi i gwffio mewn gornest elusennol ym Madison Square Garden wrth ymdrechu i ddatrys y berthynas anodd rhwng gwrywdod a thrais. Archwiliad eang o rhywedd yn ein cymdeithas, yn y bôn Amateur yw o gobaith, gyda McBee yn darganfod ffordd ymlaen: gwrywdod newydd, y tu mewn i’r cylch ac allan ohono.

In this groundbreaking new book, Thomas Page McBee, a trans man, trains to fight in a charity match at Madison Square Garden while struggling to untangle the vexed relationship between masculinity and violence. Through his experience of boxing – learning to get hit, and to hit back; wrestling with the camaraderie of the gym; confronting the betrayals and strength of his own body – McBee examines the weight of male violence, the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes and the limitations of conventional masculinity. A wide-ranging exploration of gender in our society, Amateur is ultimately a story of hope, as McBee traces a way forward: a new masculinity, inside the ring and out of it. A graceful and uncompromising exploration of living, fighting and healing, in Amateur we gain insight into the stereotypes and shifting realities of masculinity today through the eyes of a new man.

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