#PayItForward Scheme

What is a Pay It Forward scheme?

Paned's Pay It Forward fund allows people who may be struggling financially to access queer texts and books free of charge.

How do I contribute to the PIF fund?

You can purchase a PIF copy of the book selected as part of our monthly book club.  Alternatively you can donate directly via PayPal.Me/TaluYmlaen.

How do I request a PIF copy?

To claim a book, for free, drop Paned an email at info@paned-o-ge.wales, with the subject heading ‘Talu Ymlaen’, your name, the title you would like and your postal address.

Do I need to provide any proof to claim a copy?

You do not - you will be believed!

Click on this link to view a spreadsheet of all donations received thus far and to see how exactly we have distributed the funds.

On a purple background, the Paned o Gê logo, a tea cup with the Pride flag spilling out of it, with the name of the business written underneath, sits in the centre of a square, with the title ‘Talu Ymlaen’ above it and ‘Pay It Forward’ below.